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Turnkey Solutions provider of Firefighting, HVAC and Power Sector

Emergency Power Maintenance Works in BTS, BSC, MSC etc:

  • Electric Substation, AC Distribution Board, DC DB, maintenance, trouble shooting and repairing.
  • Faulty energy meter or faulty/burning cable replacement at BTS, BSC and MSC.
  • Fire Extinguisher replacement or refill for BTS, BSC and BTS. Circuit Breaker, Surge Arrestor, copper grounding bar, magnetic contactor, power cable, grounding cable supply and replacement to the sites.
  • Any kind of power renovation work in Mobile Telecom Networks.

Civil Construction Works:

  • All kinds of Site Construction works.
  • DG Room Construction works.
  • Any kind of civil construction works in telecom

New Roll Out Works in BTS, BSC and MSC:

  • DC Distribution Board manufacturing as per design, supply, installation, connection with rectifier and commissioning in MSC sites.
  • AC Distribution Board design, manufacturing, supply and commissioning in Mobile Telecom sites.
  • Supply and installation of tower aviation light and aviation light controller.
  • Supply and installation of PFI panel.